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October 16, 2014 by: admin

showbox free movie app for pc windows download :

Showbox for pc is a device of movie streaming in your pc. It is interesting application for you because you can download it for free and you can enjoy watching the movies from this application. It will be very nice to watch the tv from your pc, because it will be nice and you can enjoy it every day. You can watch the movie from the pc for free. It is nice because it is free to download and it is very nice application. This application makes you can enjoy the free high quality movie from your pc. It will be nice.

Showbox for pc is application that contains free high quality movie and you can download it right now. you can enjoy watching streaming free movies and you can watch TV shows for free. It is important for you who need to watch the latest news or latest program that you like. This application makes you be able to watch the movies and TV shows without worry for viruses. This application is safe. You will enjoy it in your pc. It will be nice application. You need bluestacks to run showbox in your pc. It is very nice application.

Showbox for pc is free to download, so you better download it right now and install it in your pc. You can start to open the bluestacks and click the showboxapk file and the bluestacks is automatically installed in your pc. Wait for a minute and you can go to my apps in it. Click showbox icon and you can enjoy watching the movies and TV shows like in your smartphone. It is very easy to install applications that very nice and you can download it for free. There are so many collections of movies and tv shows which you like.

Currently, Showbox for Mac is doesn’t work because bluestack emulator do not support on mac now. you should use manymo. The installation do not different with windows, but skip on bluestack installation just go to showbox app installation.

2nd option to play showbox on mac : Use Wine windows emulator for mac (free , filesize 420Mb)

3rd option, use moviebox for mac/iphone/ipad/ios from HERE

Showbox alternative for windows phone go to this article >>

Showbox for Lumia windowsphone please go here>>

You can also see : Showbox app alternative for windows pc (no need android emulator, windows app store source)


If you want Showbox free movie app running on windows you must download Bluestack android emulator for windows

After downloading the emulator then you must download Showbox free movie app for windows pc 

  1. DOWNLOAD SHOWBOX APP 3.8.4 apk or showbox 4.2.7 (updated on december 2015) or showbox 4.6.1 (may 2016)
  2. open the file on download folder like this :
showbox downloaded file

showbox downloaded file

open showbox

complate action using

showbox install

showbox install

do not update showbox



showbox on windows

final showbox on windows result


If any question for installation showbox app for windows pc please comment below. Don’t 4 get, Share it !!!


25 Responses to “showbox for pc windows or mac”
  1. Angel says:

    I downloaded Showbox and the movies will play with sound on my PC but when I hook up the HDMI cable to my TV it plays the movie but no sound. any reason why?

  2. Ricardo Roman says:

    i tried install showbox and follow step by step as you do but it doesnt work at all

  3. Mat says:

    i followed the video exactly but the APK file opens in Adobe… it shows up on my desktop with the Adobe file icon, not the bluestacks icon.

    • Jacki says:

      Mat, I seem to be having the same issue. I followed the video and it says I should have two icons on my desktop and dont. I have one Icon “Bluestacks.exe” and I extract the files and it only goes for about 15 seconds and an error pops up saying “Failed to install Bluestacks”???

  4. Al Kalain says:

    Why is the title: showbox app for pc windows and mac, when there is nothing on a mac install?

  5. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I have a surface 2 from windows and I tried downloading bluestacks to download showbox but when I tried to download bluestacks a pop up window says “this app cannot run on this PC” is there another way to make it work or download shoxbox?

  6. Mick says:

    Where can I find the videos in windows explorer?

  7. Mick says:

    have got showbox for pc with bluestacks, downloaded a couple of films, where can I find them through windows explorer?

  8. Bill says:

    any one know were movie box downloads its movie to ??file name or destination please Thanks

  9. Bill says:

    sorry I mean show box any one know were showbox downloads its movie to ??file name or destination please Thanks

  10. latoya says:

    i have downloaded bluestacks ages ago and want to download showbox but i can’t seem to download it

  11. cesar says:

    شني الازعاج هذا الا تعلق

  12. tyheeguy says:

    so everything runs as expected and works well (audio had some lag time)..then upon waking up the next morning I find out that “Bluestacks” wants $ for the use of their ” free downloadable movie player”. if it is one thing it is another…….another scam

  13. jamal says:

    Hi how can i get showbox on my Windows phone?

  14. Ronnie says:

    I keep getting message ‘need 2gb of ram to install bluestack’ then fails!

  15. Gerardo says:

    I downloaded Bluestacks and Showbox app for my PC but I cant open any application how do I fix this? please respond to my email thank you

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