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October 19, 2014 by: admin

Do you want to run showbox movies and tvshow on your xbox?

Showbox app for xbox 360 is well known among people nowadays. It is interesting application that will make you comfortable to watch tv from your xbox 360. You can watch movies every day because it is able to stream the movie like in android or pc. You can watch television shows and movies from your xbox 360. It is great application for you who love watching movies and TV shows. It will be very interesting application. You can start to download it right now because it is easy to be downloaded and this nice application will be yours. It is very good application for you.

Showbox app for xbox 360 is very interesting application to watch the movies and TV shows for free. You can trust this applications and it will be very useful application. It makes you be able to watch TV shows from your xbox 360. This application will be free for you, and right now you should download it for free. It will be very interesting application that will be a good advantage for you. You can trust the source of this application because it is legal and you can get it for free.

Now you can run the Showbox on your Xbox. Just follow my review and instruction how to Install Showbox on your Xbox !

  • download showbox app for free from your Smartphone or your other Android Devices.
    showbox v 3.6 with subtitles / showbox 4.2.7
    showbox for xbox 360
  • download Allcast (free) here ( Play Store) from your Smartphone or your other Android Devices.allcast showbox free movies for xbox
  • Select a movie or TV show episode on your app. Once you have done, you will see this below screen.
  • Uncheck “Use Internal Player”  check box, then press “Watch Now”.

showbox free movies selector on xbox

  • After you press the “Watch Now” button, it will display a list of applications that you can choose to play the video. You must select Allcast then select “Just Once”
  • Last steps, connect your smartphone to your XBOX, and stream them on xbox. DONE….

If any question for installation showbox app for Xbox please comment below.


38 Responses to “showbox for xbox 360”
  1. Brittney says:

    this doesnt explain how i can download showbox on to my xbox 360. can you please explain this to me? thank you

  2. West says:

    Y do the movies im streaming to my Xbox 360 keep freezing or pausing every 15 seconds? How can I fix it?

  3. Mark Quigley says:

    I keep getting download error when I try to play showbox through my Xbox 360,it used to work all the time on allshare.

  4. william arnold says:

    Have followed instructions to the letter, but still won’t play on my Xbox, i can see photos an play music but no videos from showbox ? Please help..

  5. tim says:

    guys untill they actually make an app for xbox its easier just to connect your laptop to your tv using a HDMI cord and you can still use your computer while watching your movies. To do that go into your resolution on computer and change it to split monitor after your HDMI is connected to your tv then drag the app to the tv and you can still use your computer.

  6. renee says:

    Is there a way to do the “watch now” option on showbox to xbox 360? I keep getting the playback error message. Do you have to download every movie?

  7. Justin says:

    Why can’t I get the sound to work while using this on my xbox

  8. chris says:

    u can also use castbox 2 stream

  9. dan says:

    why does it keep pausing every 3 seconnds even on low quality

  10. hazel says:

    Ok, I’ve downloaded so many casts, I connect my android device to my Xbox and launch showbox with all casts,localcasts,avia etc they all do the same thing on my TV screen it keeps pausing ever 5 seconds I don’t know what’s wrong someone please help me or email me @ , thanks !

  11. sallie says:

    How do I connect me tablet to the Xbox 360?

  12. leon says:

    can not download showbox its saying use differant storage

  13. tim says:

    Whenever i click the watch now. It just tells me i need some MX player top play video. I never get any kind of list to select my xbox

  14. timmsy says:

    I’ve done everything u say but when I click watch now it doesn’t give me the option to use allcast to watch the movie just says I need to download mx player????

  15. Cristine says:

    I’ve done everything this has said down to the letter but I can’t watch movies because I need ‘MX Player’ and only plays through that, no other options and when I play a tv show episode it constantly jumps every 3/4 seconds…

  16. Clarissa says:

    Show box does not give me the option to select all cast it doesn’t give me any options to choose after I understand check it just says I have to download mx player to play this video when I download it it is still only playing on my tablet. How would I connect tablet directly to the Xbox where do I plug it in ect

    • summer says:

      Delete mx player. You need growbox and all cast. With new update it no longer streams to x box this is a back door to go in and do it now. Growbox is downloaded from the internet

  17. Stephen says:

    Why when I try to watch showboat on the. Xbox it comes up playback error

  18. Hayley says:

    Is there a way to do the “watch now” option on showbox to xbox 360?
    Do you have to download every movie?

  19. simon says:

    i have downloaded allshare on my device as suggested and it connects to xbox 360 but when i open showbox and untick use interal player it is asking me download MX player. is there app permissions setting somewhere? im using a samsung tab2. thanks in advance si

    • rob says:

      I use an app called all connect. Looks kind like the youtube red play button it will read 360. If net connectionis slow it will lag though.

  20. summer says:

    Delete mx player. You can no longer stream it with this. You need growbox and all cast to stream to xbox. Growbox can only be dowloaded through the internet. Growbox works with all cast.Its a back door to stream it now

  21. tenille says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to view a movie by the name of “the duff” since it’s release in february. Unfortunately, I can’t locate it anywhere online. Please upload if possible. Thank you.

  22. D lars says:

    Have showbox it was working great now it not press watch now and it just go to load and just spins and spins and nothing happens

    • admin says:

      you must use fast internet connection (1Mbps or more), please open settings -> apps -> showbox, every movie (medium / low quality) average 300MB. check how much you download on data size?

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