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November 28, 2014 by: admin

showbox for ps4Currently, none of the developers who have made an application to watch and Stream movies from the PS4 as Showbox App. Alternatively you can watch and stream movies from PS4 using SKIFTA App. But once again, SKIFTA has discontinued their services.
I will come back on you if SKIFTA resumed their services again and I will update this tutorial for you. Please bookmark this news page and get notified when this article updated.

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5 Responses to “showbox for ps4”
  1. Gabrielle Evans says:

    is there no app for the ps3?

    • admin says:

      you can connect android smartphones (showbox installed on your smartphones) to ps3,

      ps3 do not support for showbox without smartphones with android OS.

  2. Rocco thom says:

    So how do i download it i dont see something to download

  3. andrina says:

    I hate this website because it does not work how I want it works

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