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October 31, 2014 by: admin

showbox for tablet android pcCurrently Android Smart TV has supported Showbox android app, you can watch movies for free and you can also stream free tv shows. Showbox for android smart-tv is showbox that available in android smart-tv. It is good streaming application that will help you to watch TV in your android smart-tv.

If your smart tv doesn’t android base, you can use chromecast to extend showbox on android phones by follow : chromecast showbox app to smart-tv

Showbox is important for you who love watching TV or movies through your android smartphone. It is important because, showbox has fast streaming and it is good application. It is well known among people who love watching TV or movies from the android. It is a supporter application that support smart-tv and you can enjoy watching movies from your smartphone. It is very interesting application for you. It is good supporting application for your android.

Showbox for android smart-tv is legal and you can trust the showbox. It is legal because you can trust the source of this application. This application is helping you to get fast streaming and it is wonderful application. This application is nice application, you can watch the free movies every day and you can download them for free for your smartphone. This application makes you be able to watch stream free TV shows. It is great application. This application is also supported the android smart-tv so you can watch the tv shows or movies with good streaming. It is nice application.

Showbox for android smart-tv is a device that makes you be able to watch tv shows and movies for free. It is great to have this application, this application makes your dream comes true, you can watch tv shows and movies without worry about slow streaming. It is great application for you. You can download this application for free from the internet. It is nice and great application. You can enjoy watching TV shows and movies every day. You can start to download it now. It will be good application for you in your smart phone tv. Follow the instructions below to install the Showbox for Android Smart TV:
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IF You have chromecast you can follow this post>> stream showbox smart-tv via chromecast

  • First of all is Download Showbox android apk for Smart TV  :showbox v 3.8.4 with subtitles (update 01/06/2015) or showbox 4.6.1 (updated on may 2016)
  • Go to your Android TV settings and select the setting that allows the installation of a third party. tap setting button like images below:showbox-setting
  • tap on unknown source then allow this installation :allow unknown apps
  • go to smart tv main menu  , then choose showbox icon : showbox app icon
  • Run apk files , and you will got screen like this : showbox on samsung smarttv

Special credit to “JEN” she’s give alternative for many issue, please scroll down to comment page below or use this index :

  1. samsung smart-tv issue
  2. Vizio smart-tv issue
  3. Showbox small screen issue
  4. LG WEBOS installation issue

Note: You must have a good connection to watch streaming and download free movies from Showbox SmartTV


have any question to install showbox app for smart tv? please comment below!!!


156 Responses to “showbox for smart TV”
  1. showbox app for lg smart tv

  2. Christian says:

    I would really like to download this for my samsung h6350 tv. I have tried and cannot get the app on the tv. Any ideas how I can get this app? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      new version samsung showbox app was update now, check and download it now.

      • Joe says:

        Hi there,
        This is a great app for movie lovers.
        I’ve downloaded the app on our Samsung Smart TV. It was working fine till recently most movies can’t be played. Any reason why & how we can solve this problem ?


  3. Tashi says:

    Showbox app for Samsung smart tv and the link above is not working?

  4. caron says:

    when will you be making an app to allow watching of showbox on an LG smart TV? thanks

    • admin says:

      new app upload today, check it now guys

    • jen says:

      Look for showbox for Chromecast if almost the same thing. If you have a smartphone or tablet that v support WiFi direct like Samsung devices well if more easy don’t need to buy an extra app for that on your phone or tablet.

  5. Ruben says:

    I cant open the link it gives an error

  6. moh says:

    Cant find third party instillation on my Samsung smart tv

    • admin says:

      samsung smart-tv non android OS do not support it. If you have a smartphone or tablet that support WiFi direct like Samsung devices well if more easy don’t need to buy an extra app for that on your phone or tablet.

  7. Maxine says:

    Trying to download showbox on my samsung smart tv, it doesnt let me download from the website. Any ideas??

    • admin says:

      samsung smart-tv non android OS do not support it. If you have a smartphone or tablet that support WiFi direct like Samsung devices well if more easy don’t need to buy an extra app for that on your phone or tablet.

  8. rey nierra says:

    i’d like the wesite…..

    • admin says:

      thanks rey

      • Rulu says:

        Where exactly is the download? I’m still getting a message on my Samsung UN40ES6500F TV that the file is not supported.

        • admin says:

          samsung smart-tv non android OS do not support it. If you have a smartphone or tablet that support WiFi direct like Samsung devices well if more easy don’t need to buy an extra app for that on your phone or tablet.

  9. Jeff says:

    How do you install the app on a Samsung Smart TV? There are no options for third party installs. I am using Samsung 60UH6203. I tried going to the website by using the TV browser. When I click the link, a onscreen popup says “Unable to download.” It’s not an error that the file is not there, it’s an error that the system won’t download it.

    • jen says:

      Try search for showbox for Chromecast almost the same thing.
      If you have a tablet or phone that support WiFi direct like Samsung devices is more easy will not need to buy an app for that.
      Download showbox on your phone or tablet.
      When click to watch something on the show box app. Disable use internal player.
      When click on watch chose between the apps the phone or tablet media player if a Samsung the default Samsung media player
      Wait when the movie start the option to WiFi direct will appear after the movie start that option I’d on your left top corner of the phone or tablet chose your smart TV and accept on your smart TV.
      Will start on your tv after that.
      Good luck!

      • Mark says:

        Hi Jen.
        This worked for me once and was great but has not worked since!
        Phone is connected to tv by wifi direct and has icon on phone screen.
        On tv settings says is connected to the phone but movie will not play through tv.

      • meena says:

        my click link to get it to show from my samsung phone to samsung tv has disappeared. it shows fine on the phone but normally there is a link on the top left so it shows on the tv?

    • tambo says:

      I too have same problem.there is no link to click on.can someone help.

  10. Rvasquez says:

    Hi is it possible to get the showbox app on my smart vizio TV? Thanks

  11. Alan says:

    link doesn’t work

  12. pau says:

    I tried samsung smart tv with the new update and not doing it

  13. Katelynn says:

    can download app but it wont play anything on my Hisense smart tv

  14. Jem says:

    I have not try it yet but I’m interested in downloading it to Sharp Aquos. Any tips on to go about downloading the App?

  15. biendomingo says:

    You have the link for lg webos?

  16. luis says:

    I downloaded the app to my vizio box, picture is great, sound is amazing, subtitles work good too, however the picture on the screen is small and i can’t adjust it or change the size on my tv, just hoping there is a way to adjust the screen size. . Thanks for a great app

  17. lex says:

    Do I download showbox from the Internet on my TV like how do u get the app

  18. henrry says:

    Can’t download show box on my smart TV can you help .

    • admin says:

      only smart tv which use android os henrry… if your smarttv using android os and can not download it, you can download from other device such as pc, and then copy to usb then move it to your smart-tv. link is work . i was check it now.

  19. wayne says:

    can’t download the app to my Samsung smart tv it’s a new tv but not sure what OS it has any help??

  20. clarisa says:

    i downloed the app to my smart tv it does work the only problem is that the movie screen is to small is their any way to make it bigger

  21. Chris says:

    Can I get this for my Vizio Smart TV?

    • admin says:

      you can not install on vizio,
      Browse for your favorite movies on your smart phone or tablet, then instantly play the video directly on your VIZIO Smart TV. Second screen is supported from your favorite apps such as SHOWBOX

  22. will says:

    Keeps saying can’t down load, driving me nuts..

  23. will says:

    Jefs comment Jan 5 I’m the same can’t find third party in settings and won’t download

  24. john dickson says:

    Will showbox ever work on lg’s webos tv’s

    • admin says:

      LG webos do not support showbox, currently only android OS

    • jen says:

      If you have a android phone or tablet that can use WiFi direct you can use it with that on lg smart tv I do that on my phone. If you phone does not have WiFi direct there apps that do it I guess in others words search for how u do on Chromecast the same way you will do. Good luck!

  25. Leanne says:

    I guess this app is not supported on a Sony Brava Smart TV? I get an error message when I try to install this on it.

  26. Westie says:

    How long does the “Downloading data. Please wait for a few seconds…” last? My LG has been waiting for approx 20 mins. Could this be due to a weak connection/bandwidth issue?

    • admin says:

      this indication because your internet connection trouble Westie. 2MB filesize and approx on 20 minute is too slow connection.

  27. Dave says:

    does google chrome support show box if not what is the best plugin or smartbox to use

  28. Gail says:

    Have a Panasonic smart tv can u tell me how to put showbox on it,

  29. Andy says:

    Cant load showbox on my Bush smart tv can you help please

  30. bill says:

    is there a lg smart tv showbox app

  31. bill says:

    i also having a problem with lg smart share it used to work changed router now when i stream from my phone to tv i get invalide media a few movies worked but most give that display

  32. Stacy says:

    Will this work on my Sharp aquos smart 3d tv?

  33. jaimke says:

    I have a note 3 and have showbox downloaded and I have tried to get it to play on my lg smart tv and after about 5 minutes into the movie it says it cannot support this file type.. any suggestions?

  34. Terry says:

    Showbox runs ok on lg mob but when steamed to lg smart TV wirelessly or wired the pic is small. Any ideas.

    • Marissa says:

      Terry, did you find a solution to this problem? I am having the same thing and I DL the app to my Samsung google tv

  35. Ram says:

    Can I download a showbox app on my vizio co-star vpa430 stream player? I just want to know before I go ahead to purchase a vizio co-star vpa430.

  36. david barber says:

    ls124ts leeds

  37. Olmer says:

    I have a Samsun smart tv do u think I can install showbox or it have to be android system

  38. Diamond says:

    I don’t have a smart tv, but it’s a flat screen Tv. I do have showbox download on my Android phone, but needs help sharing it to my tv. Do I have to buy the Chromecast to connect the showbox to my tv in order to share the movies on my tv?

  39. Manda says:

    Showbox for Rodi tv

  40. iris says:

    Can I mirror show box from my Android galaxy s5 to a Vizio smart TV? I’ve tried but my phone only finds my device not my T.V.

  41. Ralph says:

    Have been trying for 2 days to get showbox with no results on both tv and ipad2 any help out there?

  42. graham says:

    I have downloaded the android app onto my hudl tablet, can I stream it onto my lg smart TV without cables?

  43. Kash Hussain says:

    I have just bought a Sony Bravia KDL-50W829B smart 3D TV. How can I download and install Showbox as one of my apps please?

  44. Marc says:

    I have a Samsung UE32H5500 Smart Tv, Can I download the app to this?
    I tried a Hdmi cable connection from a Quadcore tablet running android 4.4.2 Kitkat and that doesn’t work, unless I’ve done it wrong.
    The Tv has mirroring , but my Samsung G Tab 2, running 4.2.2 won’t cast to my screen and my tv can cast but my tablet doesn’t get a good signal, sound only.

  45. scott haller says:

    is there update /download so we can use showbox on our lg smart tv

  46. Peter says:

    I can’t connect showbox with my Samsung smart tv, it’s show error with “this file can’t supported”. pls. help.

  47. Lot says:

    How so I download this to a hitachi smart tv please?

  48. Jen says:

    Can I download the showbox app on a Samsung UHD HU6950 Series Smart TV? I am looking to purchase this TV and just want to make sure.

  49. Marissa says:

    I downloaded ShowBox app on my Samsung smart tv but the pic is small and in the left hand corner when streaming through internal player. If I uncheck and play with external player it does not work with many of the apps I have downloaded. I noticed one called ViMu that is a purchase app and am hesitant to purchase in the event in doesn’t work it does say it plays from HTTP and APKs… Does anyone have any experience with this video player app or have experienced the same problem?

  50. chas says:

    The red hyperlink isn’t a link. It’s a link on my phone when I researched if I could download the app to my Samsung but in the browser on the TV it’s not a live link. Help?

  51. Marus says:

    When will be available movies that are real HD . I mean a 720p movie must have at least 4 gb and 1080p at least 6-7 gb ?

  52. louise says:

    Hi i have an lg smart tv trying to download showbox on it but saying not supported…where do i find the link plz??

  53. Roger says:

    I have a Sharp 70″ Smart TV. How can I load ShowBox to TV? Or do I connect to Chromecast from my Android?

  54. Anh says:

    I installed showbox app on my LG smart tv. Everything seems fine but when I load the app, it says “Connection error. Check your internet connection.” I tried numerous time including rebooting the tv. I know I have internet connection because I can still download and stream netflix on the tv. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance!

  55. phil says:

    does this work with the TOSHIBA 48L3451DB

  56. william says:

    h. can i download showbox with my jvc smart tv

  57. pops says:

    how can i download showbox on my lg smart tv?

  58. Rachel says:

    I have a Samsung UN60FH6200. I can’t find the showbox app in the Samsung apps. Is showbox available for this model smart t.v.? If so, how do I get it?

  59. jhon says:

    how can i download showbox on
    my samsung smart tv…? and what link should i follow .?

  60. kika says:

    i cant download sowbox on lg smart tv. please help

  61. shane says:

    been using showbox for a while and its been great up until yesterday. i hav been using samsung galaxy s5 and watching it on my samsung smart tv…now it says “file not suported ” when i press the icon to mirror my phone on the tv through wifi.
    pls help

  62. luz says:

    I have a samsung smart tv. How do I download showbox?

  63. luz says:

    I cant find the showbox app on my samsung smart tv.

  64. Ronaldo says:

    can i get on my smart panasonic viera tv?

  65. rick says:

    I downloaded Showbox on my Google TV. When I launch it it says to check my internet connection. My connection is good. Please advise.

  66. sam says:

    Y is it asking me to download mx for some movies now and wen u do it doesnt give u option to stream to tv anymore

  67. nev says:

    were do i go to download this app my tv is a lg smart

  68. Denise says:

    I downloaded showbox on my lg G3 now I’m trying to stream it to my lg smart tv. It’s not working do my tv have to be on a special channel??

  69. Nikki says:

    I have a lg smart TV can I get showbox to work keeps saying can support it please help

  70. JP says:

    XM has made me delete show box!

  71. gee says:

    I have a hisense 55h6sg smart tv. How can I download showbox to my tv.

  72. baba says:

    How can I install show box on my 55 LG smart tv cant seem to find on the settings that would allow the third party like the instructions say

  73. Glenn says:

    For the Samsung smart tv led 6003 series I’m not able to download the app

  74. ryan says:

    Hi Jen,

    I amtrying to watch via wifi direct from a tablet to smart tv, but the showbox app forces me to download Mx player. I have done this and unticked the box for internal player, but there is no option on mx player to transmit screen to my tv. How do I do this? Thanks

  75. lisa says:

    Im thinking Vizio SMRT TV doesn’t work with showbox

  76. frans says:

    ik kan de showbox app niet op mijn samsung smart tv ue46f6320 downloaden wat moet ik doen

  77. Ziad says:

    hello, around a week ago, I updated the app then it stopped giving me the option to stream the movie directly on my Samsung smart tv. is there another way to stream movies directly on my tv

  78. Natisha says:

    Love Show box, received two New Hisense Vision 55 inch Android powered tv for ma birthday (2 weeks back),want to sell one at $700, so any one interested email me for details!

  79. lili says:

    how do I play showbox on my vizio smart tv?

    Please help

  80. Eric says:

    How do I get this app to work with my vizio E600i-B3 please and thank you

  81. Philip says:

    I have a 42 inch Samsung smart tv I was just wondering how can Idownload the showbox app.

  82. George says:

    Hi I’ve tried a number of times to download showbox onto my toshiba smart TV but it’s just giving me an error message not like the one shown in the pictures but one that doesn’t give me any options… Any help would be great thanks.

    • admin says:

      please use screen-mirrorring / allcast share app from your android smartphone which installed showbox app to your toshiba smart TV.

  83. craig says:

    Iv just purchased a Samsung tab 4 and downloaded showbox but it won’t play films. They start to load but then just the little loading circle and that’s it no film.

  84. Kae says:

    I have Sony android tv 2015 how do i download showbox app? And i called customer service and told me the update will be in last week of may 2015 how do i do the update so i can have hbo go app on it? Please help im new

  85. Kae says:

    I need this on tv because i dont have android phone

    • admin says:

      you can use android tv box. its cheap in price then you bought android smartphones with high processor and ram to play movie using showboxapp

  86. ruben says:

    how can i up date my app for subtitles ?

  87. Antony says:

    I have installed this on my Sony Google Tv however, i can only play tv shows not movies, also even when watching the tv show the screen the video is on is too small. It appears to be taking up about a quuarter of the screen in the top left. Can you help?

  88. Rick says:

    I have just recently updated showbox and I am very disappointed not necessarily with the ads but how loud the ads/commercial is. When going to a different show or movie it was so loud I thought my speakers were going to blow. Please do something about this or if there is a way for it not to happen then let me know. Thank you and have a great day!

  89. Darren says:

    I have just got a 65″ Sony Bravia android TV .
    When I download the showbox app I cannot install it because on the smart TV they hide the download
    The app I download from Google play store automatically starts the installation process.
    Is there anyway to install???

  90. Philip says:

    Would it be possible for shoebox to have Hercules the legendary journey TV series I loved the show plus the movies that were associated with it. Thanks

  91. matt says:

    how do i download showbox to my Samsung smart curve tv?

  92. Laura says:

    I have a bush tv is it possible to download showbox?

  93. Howard says:

    Hello Admin.

    Will you be porting it to LG WEB OS. Seems like a lot of people would love to see that version.

    Yours in hope.


  94. tammy says:

    How do I download showbox on my hitachi smart tv

  95. Colliedog says:

    I have a hisense smart tv. Do not know how to enable 3rd party installations. So far cannot download Showbox. Is it possible?


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